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Paul Dueck Playing his Celtic Harp

Paul Dueck, whose musical talents are varied, is well known in the Leamington-Windsor area as well as across Canada, USA, Europe and South America. He is acclaimed for his skilled playing of the Celtic and Paraguayan harps and also as a choral conductor. Paul, who has studied in both Canada and Europe, grew up in South America. This cosmopolitan background is also evident in the wide variety of musical styles he plays, sings, conducts and has recorded.

Paul Dueck Playing in traditional Paraguayan clothes

Paul has made music the center of his life. Paul has become well known in Canada by playing his Paraguayan folk harp and Celtic harp in various church settings, playing at concerts, weddings, anniversaries and many festive events.

In the past decades, listeners at Paul's performances requested that some sort of recordings be made available. His first recording appeared in 1990 when he released 60 Minutes of Music on the Paraguayan Harp which includes a variety of well known hymns and Spanish, German and Irish folk melodies. Two years later he released his second recording. This time he used his hand-crafted Celtic harp to share Christmas on the Celtic Harp which includes fifteen Christmas carols. His third recording features 34 classic childhood songs in which his three young daughters sweetly sing some of their favourite lullabies.

Paul Dueck and his Celtic Harp

In 2010 Paul released a recording of Psalm compositions which he has composed and performed over the last 25 years. The 23rd Psalm was his first original composition which he composed as a teenager in Europe. Many of the Psalm lyrics speak of longing and suffering, and of hope and joy. This recording will bring encouragement, hope and rest to those who long for God to hear and speak in their life.