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About Paul

Paul Dueck and his family Paul Dueck, son of missionary parents, spent his first twelve years in Asuncion, Paraguay. As a child Paul’s musical mother encouraged him to play the Spanish folk harp – Paraguay’s national instrument. Paul mastered it at a young age. At the age of 12 the family moved back to Canada where he developed his own style of playing, concentrating on hymn arrangements and folk music.

Paul studied choral and instrumental music at a small church college (Canadian Mennonite Bible College) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Herford Church Music School in Germany. Paul has been an instrumental, vocal and choral music instructor in three settings - (1) Canadian Mennonite Bible College in Winnipeg, (2) C.E.M.T.A. - a seminary in Asuncion, Paraguay and (3) the United Mennonite Educational Institute in Leamington, Ontario.

Paul Dueck

Paul has also conducted and led music ensembles in many different settings. In the early 90’s he led family music camps at Laurelville Mennonite Camp in Pennsylvania. In 1999 he led the music team at the Mennonite Youth Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2004 he led the music at the bi-national Mennonite conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in 2009 he had the privilege of leading the music team at the Mennonite World Conference gathering in Asuncion, Paraguay. "This gathering of 6000 Mennonites from around the world was a mountain-top experience for Paul as his heart-felt, inspiring leadership wove the international community into a multi-cultural quilt as the participants sang with joy and conviction."

Paul Dueck plays the piano

In 2001 Paul was one of the founding members of the Soli Deo Gloria Singers based in Leamington, which he conducted until 2014. The name of the choir is inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach's phrase "to God alone be the glory". The chamber choir sings a wide variety of choral musical styles in each concert. Paul also held a position of Music Pastor at the Leamington United Mennonite church until 2009. In 2010 Paul accepted a part-time position as pastor of the Windsor Mennonite Fellowship.
In March 2015 they moved to Camp Assiniboia, near Winnipeg, to be part of the camping ministry of Mennonite Church Manitoba.

Paul is married to Linda Winter and they have 3 daughters, a son-in-law and two grandsons. In the summer of 2014, Paul and Linda moved back to Manitoba to be closer to their children and seek other job opportunities.

Paul Dueck and his family