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Paraguayan Harp

About the Paraguayan Harp

Paraguayan music grew from the assimilation of Spanish music by the Guarani. The first conquistadors brought the guitar, the harp and their ballads during the seventeenth century. The Paraguayan harp has become an integral part of this expression and has taken its place as the national instrument of this country. There has been very little music written for the harp. All compositions and arrangements have been handed down through the years by rote. El Pajaro Compana is one of the oldest and best loved songs in Paraguay.

About the Celtic Harp

The Celtic harp has played an important role among the Celtic people. It is one of the oldest insturments known, going back thousands of years, and is the traditional instrument of medieval Ireland and Scotland. Concert artists use Webster Musical Instruments throughout the country. Webster Harps and Dulcimers are featured on may fine records.